Is the game still being updated up to--if not this day---recently?

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    Apr 11, 2020
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    Yes I'm aware of new servers opening but what about the game's content? Has it expanded upon since the first decade of its release?

    Or is it just stuck on just game-balancing patch limbo and no more plans of new content? I think the last update I happen upon before I quit was the Elan Plateau. After that none followed, following the cancellation of the supposed sequel RF Online 2.
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    There many new stuf outcast land ,Jetso island,elf land ,cartella 1 and 2 ,beastmoutain,many sealet pb maps,caravan,Novajon map,many new pbs lvl cap until lvl 80 ,exp batle dungens,daily quest,dragon armor,rare d armors weaps shields lvl 67-70 many many many new things from when u left even there summons exp when u not in party and u last hit mob there mau exp while u in mau. But i would suggest playing on Pegasus since that is the server taht needs more players.
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