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    Hello guys, i have some question about this server and even gameplay, because i play on Aeria, Mayn, Hun etc.
    I hope this one will be stable and dont die :D My NEWBIE/NOOB question is:
    1. Can we freeze gaining exp to stay on specified level? (I remember this from other server by command)
    a) There is no G12 item drop? But G12 mobs drop other stuff like pets, mats, jades and other?
    b) If i hit G12 its end of farm? Then what i can do on G12, and how earn money on G12?
    c) On God level we can obtain items or exp (I dont remember correctly) from lower level mobs, here not?
    3. How to obtain Legacy Cape on this server?
    4. Impossible to make Daily quest? (G4 or even G11-G12 level cant kill any "GEARED" people on war).
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