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    RAVI said he's playing, no point to play disregard all.
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    This isn't true. OBT is a Malaysia-based company. Requesting to purchase custom accounts requires them to manually create the account, and that they cannot do so with hangul (and there is evidence of existing hangul accounts) is an indication that they are not accounts provided by Koreans.

    This, also, is not true. I've logged onto kloa without a VPN inadvertently on countless occasions. There is no block for IPs outside of Korea. There are a number of Korean natives who are based outside of their homeland.

    This is horrible, horrible advice. Particularly in the case of using RedFox' old itembase, monster and exp tables. Making use of the RF itembase means you won't be able to see event items as they are implemented, as well as other items added to the game such as the Fredna set, upgraded white tiger gear, or the red flappy wings and santa set that you see in my avatar.

    The level limit has been increased to 200, whereas the RF exp table maxed out at 163, so issues will crop up there also (not that I expect you to get that far), and replacing the existing monster table will result in being unable to see the Lv175 skeleton archer also displayed in my avatar, the Lv180 skeleton mage boss, the burglar boss in hero sloth or the GigaDragon boss at the end of hero sloth. In addition there are various tables that are required for the NPC located in both hero sloth and in the behe pit, both of which are required to access the GigaDragon for the former, and the second floor of behe pit for the latter, where there are Lv170-175 monsters.

    I'm going to make an educated guess here and assume that the ally character here in this screenshot is you, considering I took it on Feb 15, a day after you made this post:

    Johnny and I look forward to repeating history with you and whoever you've got with you.

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