how to for gourdies -how to undead RF-

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the revival project

  1. im on board captain

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  2. no to this AND to pegging

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  1. TrollSenpai

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    Mar 11, 2016
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    first things first; i dont know why that's in quotes if i didnt type those words at all. secondly, when i said "people like you", i meant people who speak ill of the game without addressing the positives, only saying why people are leaving, rather than talking about why the people who havent left still play the game. wasnt trying to insult you. there are players that do what you do, and there are players that do not. there are also trolls who create threads telling people to leave this game because the big bad developers are evil. i'm assuming you think i was associating you with them. i wasnt. they are irrelevant and their opinions arent of value. i felt that this was the case with you, i wouldnt even bother talking to you.
  2. kyoz123

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    Mar 3, 2016
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    Nobody likes to be disrespected when you're new at a game so there's obviously no interest when others are constantly bashing on newcomers

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