How to be Master in M&D after HG 5?

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    Hi, I'm currently HG12 and I want to be master but the system keep saying I need to be HG 5. Is there another way I can be master without this backward logic. It would make more sense that HG 5+ would be able to master, rather than just HG5 only. If there is no other way, I hope this system get updated so that all HG 5+ would be able to be master.

    Edit: Nevermind, the quest was bug and the quest reset when you level. Speak to Jiang Daxi in Hefei and the quest is "Sima Tiezhong". Then talk to Sima Tieazhong near the well in Hefei.

    I stumble onto another problem, how do I show my M&D title as Master?
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