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    Greetings friends I recently arrived until HG12 (lvl 228) and I am lost about the content of the game, I searched for information here in the forum and even in the lists of post as the "GAME GUIDES INDEX" and the truth I see a lot of information something outdated or incomplete and I appeal to you to clarify some things and help me with your advice and suggestions.

    As for the dungeons, I ask what are the recommended ones and what can be obtained from each one.
    In other words, how? and where? get the final equipment /items of the game.
    • Dungeons like: The Golden Castle (loulan), King Jin Dungeon and Black Monks Dungeon (Tibet) are good for something today?
    • Maps and Zones of farmeo like Loulan, West / East Temple (the kylin Bosses from the Altar) are currently used for something?
    Last but not least, is there any guide on the Kunlun map? or someone could guide me on this map that I completely do not know.

    Thank you all for the help you can give me.

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