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    Since everyone is asking me to revive my old threads lost at OGP and GC, I will bring back a 2019 Editing of a indepth guide of how to play Rumble Fighter. Rumble Fighter features a pretty unique fighting system. You can't play it like the 2d/3d style of arcade fighting or your typical numerical annotation systems.

    You have to accept that Rumble Fighter is a P2W game to a certain extent, But outside of Teams/GuildWars (and even then we are talking about 20-50$ required), Skill will always be way more important and impactfull than $ on your account. Certain rare items, Well, V or B to win.... But hey rares often get kicked, blacklisted from 1v1, gw and tourneys.

    Number 2, No matter how well you perform with a certain item, It might not always be the optimal choice. Meaning that, You could be better with other items or that other people have the advantage with other things.


    Now rumble fighter has various scenarios that are simular to rock paper scissors but factor in the time of the action.
    -Doing nothing, Blocking, Countering, Being forced into post-action frames, Will always lose to a well directed grab.
    -Counter with timed precision will negate an attack and reset the pressure with the default animation (on a perfection ping). Meaning that in reality if you had the same scrolls, You would clash at an attempt of hitting after the counter. You can avoid being grabbed too by doing the correct action.
    -Hitting someone who attempts a grabs will punish them.
    -Blocking or Avoiding a Panic Attack will give you advantage. Getting hit by the panic attack will reset pressure or give the user advantage if you get hit by its lingering frames.
    -Finishing certain combos guarantee's a grab for the person who blocked it. Some other combos are safe and feature stun.

    Now; for the basics:
    Linear Fighting/2D style
    : Some scrolls will out pressure other and have the advantage fighting like this. Some scrolls also have a hard time to move/angle and will lose with advanced drifting methods. Overall, Someone who is in the same position is predictable. Being predictable is opening a door to defeat.

    Drifting/3D style: RF is designed to let you move in 8 different directions. This opens up the possibility to do different things. Not using every tool offered to you is limiting yourself. Y

    Guarding: RF's counter measures against someone who are blocking are very weak in terms of HP but can be a 1 move killer while edging. It is very safe to hold block in Non-Edge situations/1v1. The most damage you will take is 200-400HP. Its way less then a combo. You need to know your danger zones. Can you get edged? Try moving to a different location or changing your guard direction.

    Juggles: Somewhat featured in alot of games, For RF it allows you to clear distance to edge or do HIGH DAMAGE. There are all sort of difficulties and methods of juggling. Basic scroll combos, catching people in the air, using terrain, advanced nanmus, resets, etc. The most common one is one performed from a launcher.

    Exocore System: Not allowed in 1v1, However its a build up system that allows you to utilise an equipped Exocore to aid you in combat. Unlocks 2 new skills V and B. I won't go in depth cause this is self explanatory.

    Hit Stun: This is when a move connects to you, That isn't guarded of course. Each one will affect you a certain duration. Punch combos will never fully connect on a front-facing opponent. They can block all punch combos after the first hit. Most of them hitting a rear-facing opponent however cannot be blocked unless shells are used. Another popular technique is jump kicking into combos. If the jump kick is done before landing and connects, Players cannot block the followed action.

    Guard Stun: This is when you block an attack. You will be forced to guard for a certain amount of time. This will prevent you from moving, countering, avoiding a grab, etc. This is a very important thing, Because often players open up while being guard stunned and will lose the following clash.

    Nanmu, Savor and Assassin: Unlocked at levels 15 and 20. Assassin is a flatout useless 5% crit stat. Savior will allow you to instantly recover from knockdown preventing some distance knockback, ground hits, etc. It can also be used offensively as a wakeup, punish, etc. It can also be punished. Intresting tool. Nanmu is a 10hit+ combo that is used for high damage and is very quick. It creates longer jungles, Can be used on the ground or in the air and it also forces your enemies to stand up.

    3Hit Rule: This is the law of physics for RF. Some hits are inputed as a 3 hit rule mechanic. Basically, Only 3 of these can be applied in a row and then they won't connect. Meaning if you Launched an opponent and did P P P P, The last one wouldnt work. If you did P P PPPP it would because the hits following a first one, aren't included in the 3 hit rule. Nanmus dash, jump kick/punch, slide/ram, first combo hits, certain exocores, etc, Are apart of this rule.

    Invincibility Frames/Combo Breakers: Some hits/skills have frames that give you "Godmode". You cannot be hit giving you the advantage. Many exocores have this feature. Some scrolls Cz or >>Z inputs have them too.

    Gimmicks: There are some hidden gimmicks in Rumble Fighter that come and go. Some are patched, some are kept, some are glitches. You will need to look out for some of these things. I will post some on this thread to help out but there are so many. Some counters or grabs from example will stop you from being capable of performing savor on the ground for example. Fire-stun hits can ground hit and prevent you from doing anything when getting up. Magnet grabs will hit you if you turn without doing an action and force the grab onto you.

    With all of these short explainations, You know enough to judge what you see, Find out what you want to learn, etc. Now its time to get to what you want to know to improve at Rumble Fighter.

    The term skill has 2 reflections in Rumble Fighter. The dexterity to do actions and the capability of being unpredictable with best of judgement.

    2)Basics of Fighting

    This section will be a guide of basically "How to react to "X" situation" and "What you can do" in general. For example, Lets create a mini scenario and turn it into an example:
    Player 1 keeps of jump kicking player 2 but after delaying hes second jump which keeps applying damage. Well this is a very easy move to counter because while jumping, its optimal to use kicks to chose path and be unpredictable. Now it is wise to use the optimal counter method (counter attack) but its also the most predictable choice of move to do. Player 1 could bait you and actually air grab you.

    The take on this part of the thread is one of the most important ones, You can be a know it all fan boy, Know every optimal decision, But have poor judgement. Many Fans can shout what to do in the sidelines but are still Silver at League of Legends lmao. Its not doing the optimal choices that make you the best, Its everything you know and how you apply them.

    Now there is many playstyles you will encounter, Many tactics and "types of players". I will breakdown most of these and elaborate on counter-strategies.

    The 2-Dimensional Fighter: Someone who is very linear, who counts on his scroll and his knowledge/experience of button mashing. Some scrolls are very powerful and will win most trades because they can have combinations of Recovery, Speed, Guardstun, Hitstun, etc. In lower-skill games, They will literatly just be a 2-Dimensional fighter. Many mooners also have this habbit, Of all skill levels. Specially when you corner them, Prevent them from going into the air/platforming or bring them away from objects/platforms.

    This is a fighting style thats not "developped" and "optimal" to begin with. You could optionally choose to beat them at their own game. This is both possible with a better and worst scroll. It will require you to know the counter-points, the moves safer for you to engage and a read on your opponent.

    If you are forced or feel forced into this situation, For whatever reason such as Map conditions, placements, pressure; Your optimal decision would be to take them into waters they arent use too. If you have space, Drift alot. Beware that some scrolls are excellent for landing hits on players at distance. Another optimal decision would be to utilize the jumping mechanic. This would work both in a linear map and one with space. Focus of targetting the back. If you have nanmu, it will 100% connect after connecting with a unblocked jump hit. Mix in some air grabs. The safest moment to jump is when your enemy delays mid combo, ends a full one, is blocking or fails to land a counter/grab. You could also create distance and then jump.

    The Drifter (3-Dimensional fighter): Someone who utilizes the direction system of RF. Tends to be more unpredictable. This style tends to be more experienced players. They will come at you from any direction, Try to either be really safe and "lure"/bait, Or they will be on the hunt and try to come at you with pressure. Unfortionately, There is no magical sauce to beat this player as it comes down to experience and skill. However there is situational tactics that can be magical. In almost every game, The top players of the whole game can be made to look like a noob in defeat. You get use to your own style, When something doesn't work you tend to try other things. Depending on your skill, You might still be just as good at those tactics. However sometimes it might have been the wrong one. From my experience on Rumble Fighter, Some people are so good at applying pressure, But when they can't it can turn into a 9-0 situation. This is also a reason why many players such as a rank 3 world wide could lose to a top 100 unorthodox playstyle.

    You're going to want to try and be the one in control of the game. Think about which direction its going, Try your best to read your opponent. The most important will be to deny his actions or bait the wrong ones into something you can profit. This will either open the guard up of a lurer and cause them to be less defensive, or cause someone to stop utilizing movement and block.

    The Lurer (Mr.Bait): This playstyle is probably the most annoying. Someone who will sit there and make the fight go on until you get into his waters. Hi thats me FuzionBra------------- Nvm. Someone who is a "Lurer" could pass his game off without you noticing. When someone has a read on you, It could seem as if hes not even blocking or not even creating distance from you, yet you would be going to his confort zone. I can go on to explain in detail what it is, But I'm pretty sure you have the idea. I just wanted to inform on how discreet it could be.

    You're going to want to play in an "unorthodox" way. You can't be easy to read. This doesn't mean to "not to the optimal choice" cause a very good fighter could expect that out of you if he sees it in you. You need to know how to not just switch up your style, but every little trick in the book. Whats always the optimal/safest/nutral actions without putting yourself in too much risk. Switch it up.

    The Generic Im-Good-Mooner: The skilled yet unskilled fighter. These players gather experience from playing on moonlight. A mode where you spend more time dead than alive compared to every other mode. You also tend to not live out your 2.8k-ish HP. The skill-level of this playstyle is defined from the experience utilizing the map and scrolls/exocores. Since you are not limited to fighting one person, skill levels are unbalanced from room to room and everything is highly situational. Where as 1v1 you could know just from your opponents name what you're going to be dealing with.

    IMO, Experienced Player's skill outweights experience of a map/platform usage. Movement can be denied, control, baited. Forcing close combat and winning at it, etc. I can go on? But do I need to? In lower skill levels this "logic" is not really applied because both don't know enough to solidify themselves as actually "better at both".

    If you can use platforms, objects and situations to your advantage well kudos to you for being able to apply it, But you will ultimately want to control the fight. Do what you feel most confortable with because you just need to stay safe and finish the fight when you see an oppertunity, in moon of course. Let them go in the air and profit of them being vulnerable in the air during the descent. Force them in a place, Stick to them. Up to you. If you're more skilled, Then apply it. If they are more skilled, Well in the end thats what it comes down to. If a generic mooner is running his mouth at you in blacktop, plsdontlose.

    PS: inb4iMoonandcan1v1+beatu, Well you don't just moon do you? And you are a skilled player? Skill reps skill, not map names.

    The "I STRESS AND RUN AWAY" Guy: So you're logging into a PvP brawl game to fight, and the whole reason this guy loaded 40$ of RC and plays the game is to spam jump kicks on islands. There isn't much to this. Go wreck his team 4v3 if you don't wanna challenge him. Just charge him with multiple jumps or a nanmu too.

    I play teams but I'm better than you: The typical Glacier and guild war player seems to think they have the highest skill level among all of RF, Yet never really accomplishes much outside of teams. Yes, Knowing how to play as a team does require skill and knowledge, But it revolves more around chemistry while factoring the skill of each individual to a lesser amount. Ironically, They are the first one to call out a 1v1 blacktop and then ask for a 1v1 in Moonlight, and wel... just ultimately say "YOU CANT BEAT ME IN TEAMS THO" as if you needed others to help you prove yourself. Anyways, Since you will encounter these players in teams. Assuming you are an individual in a casual room, You will need to isolate the players who tend to be of most assistance. Many players don't realize it, But that 1 guy who disruspts everyones combos with a single slide or jump kick, Who lands 1 random grab and causes players to be knocked down a few seconds, Well he is changing the game.

    3)Action Vs Action: What to do

    This section will cover how to react to every type of attack. The optimal choice and the alternatives to it. There are very easy methods to counter a certain action, however some are very predictable.

    Safe-Blocking: Someone who won't block for too long/switch up the angles of his block, Waiting for you to do a grab so he can combo or wait until you have a bad recovery spot in your scroll. This is a very tough call cause you will need to bait him or change up the situation. He might not know all of your recovery points or he might think you will go for a grab due to "fake waiting". You can also force him to stop it tactic by walking away and resetting the pressure. Another option is to simply wait, don't guard, sit right infront of him and then strike the second you see him unblock. Very risky however.

    Extended-Blocking: Someone who literatly just blocks. Grab the hell out of him at every chance you get. Pressure his guard, Sit infront of him and bait him too. This is how stressed players react.

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    Nice, very comprehensive. Covers most the aspects of 1v1ing.
    Look forward to seeing what other things you'll include aside from the ones already listed. Maybe mention something about low jumping, luring, and pressure.
    Or maybe a different playstyle, like how to moon.

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