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    as you guys know (some of you) there's a server called "RF classic" from indonesia, and unfortunately the server can only be played with a indonesian VPN.
    But my passion for RF online back in the days with the Codemasters publisher is so damn strong, that i am proud to say that things are going in a good direction.

    The following project will have steps of production:

    1 - modify the whole game visualy (new skill icons(polished) ), new launcher layout(images, animations), and correction of some bugs through programming and revamp of some map areas ( best solution is to create invisible walls with no texture or opacity).
    2 - create a company logo and register it.
    3 - build a MySQL database, and all the login/registration, auto mail message, etc.
    4 - tweak all the rates from original decompiled version from CCRinc, and make it lvl 50 cap, and no acess to further areas of the game, but we will leave all the code for further tweak of mob exp/attack/damage etc.
    5 - creation of the website with paid publicity on google and facebook (main source).
    6 - contact steam and negociate a possible green light aprovement, showing numbers of aproval with a voting mecanism.
    7 - be sucessfull

    objectives : build a team of programmers and designers, (only real players that played RF online), to have a solid knowledge about game and community development, and improve players experience trough a polished game that has potencial.
    CashShop : this is the big part and the most important, because it determinates game progress, balance, game currency value, and much more vital aspects about the game economics.

    possible sollution: events will be created with the theme (be part of the family), where players will be able to create content (wallpapers, icons, sollutions, ideas), and the best will be posted by our forum and event manager to be voted by other players, and when aproved, it will be tested internally and after that we will provide a beta version so the community can test it and if everything goes as planned we will update the main client.
    CashShop items: we will only provide cashshop items that dont change the game mecanism such as : new sound of gunshot/spells/animations, new color for armors and weapons, new glow color for weapons that have talics, and much more.
    objective of the cashshop : bring diversity, and make everyone different looking, because we know that when everyone hit lvl cap, all the armors will look the same, and that makes everyone equal (visually)

    i could post a huge text explaining every step of the development of this RF classic project but it would take alot of time and effort organizing steps and sollutions. I leave you the basic steps of production.

    PS: this can take months and even a year, no one knows when we will have a solid game ready to be payed externally. i hope this works!
    i leave you with a old layout of the launcher. RF online beta.jpg
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    1 - No license from Korea = another private server,ready to go offline any minute...
    2 - "team of programmers",or so called devcorp/cerberus team ....that provides def for private servers - cant copy/rebuild RF 2009 year 2232 GU update till today.Still its some beta brazil/indo server files + no working def;only several years ago they could create some NON-original module that ~is close to CCR def work..but not 100% like that.
    (I mean armor+0/armor +7 def work..etc)
    So best private pros cant fix 1 module for 10 years - but some Kid in 2017 CAN do all game from zero..
    GL idiot

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