[Feature request 2] Open 3rd server but event server

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by nedius004, Oct 10, 2018.

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    Can u open a 3rd server once the new update is out .3rd server should be event server that u merge like after 4 months .Like after 4 months u merge the events server first in Pegasus server then after like 2 months u open agin a 3 rd event server then after 4 months u merge it with Titan server and so on until u think there enof players in both server .This is good to ged more players on both server .The event server should have higher rates like x2 or x3 the rates of Titan server .And there should be prices like first 10 of each race who reach lvl 50/55/60/65 ged items / same for first race leader and archons / could do for first 5 of each race who have gm pts ged reward / and for all players if u reach lvl 45-47-50-53-55-57-60-63-65-67-70 on each of those lvls ged free int armor set +3 favor and +3 iggy waep and int shield +3 favor / then once the event server is done top 10 lvls of each race ged items like top 3 ccc special waep +.... special shield currency elms ..../ for the course of the 4 months do many events like pb barage evry x amount of hours many pb spawn in each race hq in some part of the map some pb like 4-5 pbs / becon event tower that drops items / chooty event smal and big chootys / kill the gm / find the gm / item collect event for each race 1 of each race hold the items the race with most items ged 3 pbs of chose second 2 pbs 3 rd 1 pb / gm talk about a map and in that map there wil be mob that wil drop items / gm types somthing in chat and players need to say what gm talk about the player who say the right one wil ged somthing/
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    We appreciate you taking the time to submit this feedback for RF Online. We've forwarded your concerns over to the development team. You will not hear back directly regarding this suggestion, as the development team weighs in on many different ideas and cannot reply to each one individually. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to let us know! Thank you for your continued support of RedFox Games and for playing RF Online.

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