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    Topic : jaito is cool in harlem defensive
    Format : one sentence lots of commas {cuz om cool} *hi toast :) ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; and gourdy if u even use forums;;;;;;;;;;;;;

    zombies everywhere eating on ya boys flesh where did the come from , yall will know because it was just on the rumblefighter.exe broadcast a few mins ago there I was eating some bootleg rf sushi and I see a rumble fighter player from far away but instead it looked too skinny and all these people are fat so i knew it wasn't a real rumble fighter instead it was a zombieeee ; running to the nearest china town grocery store I run luckily had a 100 speed set like one of the cool kids nowadays, I run run run and looked back but then got scared and looked forward and saw a ZOMBIEEEE

    but then i saw another ZOMBIEEEE and nearly got a heart attack if one of these unsurprising surprises happen again, ut then in the then I see toast to the rescue with his god mode stats because thats obviously what GM stands for ; I wake up in a mental hospital and he offers me Savate and im like "for sure for free forreal" and he says "yea i got u fam" so we play rumble fighter all night till my mom picked me up and then i woke up to play another day of Rumble Fighter because there is no other game to play right now or maybe its for the nostalgia, we may never knoww ;;;;;;;;;;;

    the end,
    love, Jaito

    but then they found out that there was never a end, possibly because I didn't reach the word number requirements or was it because I was inside another dreamm

    But wait theres more, I log on and found out there is a new event to complete five million rounds to get all the SE scrolls permanent ; darn you event creators, I play all day and all night until my hands move on their own I farming into space forgetting to eat forgetting to blink, my eyes closed for a second and I got sucked into my computer; it took a few seconds to realize I've been sucked into the RF world, I was no longer tired, starting rekting newbies left and right they thought I was modding but I was just showing them how godly jaito is, I may not be the bridge god , ram god , or even 1v1 god , but I am a god at being unexpecting; running ways that only a 4 dimensional skill power level could handle, blocking backwards from the hit so they will be unable to grab me, thinking into the future blocking all three of their panics because thats only something a newbie would do; grinding leveling and sushi eating, I wake up on my keyboard and my back feels like a heavy lotion bottle that you would eat with toast, I go on my bed and I go into the rumblefighter world again, but this time they refuse to let me leave, will I ever wake up, is this a nightmare or was my real life a dream all along ;;;;;;

    IGN : JaitoSenpai
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    IGN: LostSaiyan Rumble Fighter: The Battle of Zackhariah

    After an unprecedented chain of events, the world known as Rumble Fighter began to fall into ruin. A world built on nothing else but the love of martial arts was clinging desperately, trying it’s best to survive.Even with the advanced technology allowing them to thrive on the moon, construct fighter robots known as androids, and even build intergalactic structures such as Third Rock, the people of RF still came up short against these sinister foes. Having conquered a zombie apocalypse(even though some still lurk in sewers and abandoned subways) not but two years ago, the people were still in a rebuilding stage, but the psychotic presence of evil never rests. It never refuses a chance to spew its dreadful aura along the peaceful planet. Just after a slither of hope began to reform itself in their hearts, they came.
    Heinous creatures from otherworldly planets bared their fangs on the helpless citizens of RF. Sejul,a demon king made of bones, Typhoon the reptilian beast capable of manipulating ice, Vladimir a ghostly vampire who intimidates effortlessly, Locke a fire demon hybrid composed of human and bat cells, and the fierce Fire Dragon born with flames spewing from its mouth and razor-sharp fangs able to slice through the toughest of steel. The monsters ravaged RF leaving behind corpses and paths of destruction while instilling fear in the masses. But even though their might was great it couldn’t hold a candle to the absolute power of the shaman Zackhariah. Zackhariah manipulated these monsters into doing his bidding. He’d refer to them as his pets. The mighty power of Zackhariah and his pets spread like wildfire and soon enough the whole world knew of their names.
    A meeting was called between the Rumble Fighter Protective agency (RFPA). The greatest fighters from around the world were present. The leader of the alchemist from Glacier Cove and Frozen Lake, The man who’d mastered White Fang and Ice Breaker, Jango. The Strikers from Dos Palmas had their master of Black Tortoise and Abyss, Kulgera. Even the female Elementalist who mastered Volt and Electro came all the way down from Sky Eden just to be here. Her name? Veronica. These three specific fighters ranked above them all having put in countless hours of work in the Training Tower. Also perfecting every combo in their arts from the grab to the counter to the legendary reset namu.
    The leader of the RFPA made plans to divide and conquer. Jango would take on Typhoon and Sejul. Veronica would fight Vladimir, Kulgera would do battle with Locke and the Fire Dragon. But wait, who would take on the mastermind of all this evil? Zackhariah was nearly impossible to defeat. He was a master of every single scroll in RF, surely he was unstoppable. But, unknowingly to the people there was a warrior with such skill. A warrior who lived and breathed to fight. A warrior who was their only hope of salvation. On the moon, a soul fighter by the name of Obsiden had perfected the art of Redemption, Stalker, Mystic Arts, and ten other scrolls. If Rumble Fighter had any chance of surviving this conundrum, it was him. So they were off. The four warriors went to do battle.
    The beautiful and electric Veronica was able to set up a trap prior to her encounter with Vladimir and sent millions of volts into the vampires now limp body, but with a ghostly curse that was cast upon her, she was put to the grave along with him. Kulgera put out the great flames of his adversaries but soon fell from a blood wound inflicted by the Fire Dragon. Jango made quick work of Sejul, but in a life or death battle with Typhoon, he sacrificed himself by encasing him and the beast in ice. Only Obsiden was left to beat Zackhariah. The war amongst these two titans lasted for days. Zackhariah was anything but honorable constantly using mag grabs, air climbing, and spamming run z moves, but Obsiden was prepared. His knowledge of drop juggles, drifting, and low jumps proved too much for Zackhariah to handle. After a long battle the evil known as Zackhariah was vanquished by Obsiden, but due to extreme injuries, our hero has died. Peace was brought to RF and now the people thrive on this new invention called exos. Thanks to the brave heroes who died protecting RF, fighters from across the world can continue to find new maps, learn new moves, and live fruitfully.
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    IGN: Misuhara

    Since the dawn of eternity, Guardians of hope have shone upon the world of Arcardiia. Men have flock to these people for aid against the Dark Guardians. Each Guardian of hope became a faith in society, a path which they are set upon. For when thirteen and thirteen meet thirteen, destruction will be set upon them. For without the Guardians, their world-called Arcardiia-must persist in its spiral.

    CDLXXVII: The Establishment of the Guardians- Bringers of Light

    The establishment of the Guardians took place in Age 477. Shamans were the first to deal with the first world crisis. Typhoon was sealed by the powers of the elder Shamans in Al Hata, saving Arcardiia from being turned into ice. In due time, the world will once again face Typhoon’s wrath. So, they created an organization called the Guardians. They searched across the world of Arcardiia to find fighters with unique talent. They recruited the likes of fighters from the race of Strikers, Soul Fighters, Elementalists, Alchemists, and their own. Each race had a High Council representative. Together they form Pact Metatron, an agreement to work alongside each. They all had the power to use an overdrive. Most exocores were discovered, or made from a source like a gem. One of the best places to get gemstones was in the Abandoned Mine that was overrun by a large earthworm, and goblins.

    The Strikers- The Vermillion Bird-wings of fire to lift the heart

    The Strikers are skilled in martial arts, and have the greatest raw strength. They are the most courageous, and outgoing fighters in Arcardiia. Also, they have the strongest fighting spirit out of the rest. The second exocore dated that they used was the Mecha Strike, it was found in the ancient ruins of their people.

    The Soul Fighters- The Black Tortoise-seven spirits of longevity guarded by the moon

    The Soul Fighters are people strong in spirit, physically agile, and they are able to call upon spirits for energy.They were most notable for their ability to transform into beasts. First, their beast form started off as Young Bloods, and over time, they evolved into veteran werewolves called Moon, or Night Wolves. Lastly, when they reach bloody werewolf form they have the potential to transform into the God of Soul, the Sabre’s Claw.

    The Elementalists- The Azure Dragon-unclouded eyes that see all beneath the sky

    Elementalists are isolated people who have psychic powers over nature, and they’re able to summon elemental spirits to fight for them like the Stone Golem. They formed a pact with the elemental spirits of the sea, and that became the first elemental exocore that they used which is the Psy Force; it has manipulation over water in the form of fishes. They had a strong relationship with the alchemists.

    The Alchemists- The White Tiger-steely arms by which to seize knowledge

    The Alchemists were the most noble of fighters. They weren’t gifted the power of physical strength, spirit energy, or psychic. But, they were gifted the power of knowledge, and so, many of them became archeologists, and scientists. They seek knowledge to seize power. The Shamans were looked down by them as inferior races with disgusting practices, they strip them of their land, and the land became the foundation of Neo Alchemist City. This also weakened the seal placed upon Typhoon because the Shamans were in grief, and disarray for the lost of their land. They are the inventors of modern exocores, and technologies that will lead to their downfall. Their exocores specializes in cybernetic enhancements, and defence. Their progress went from simple knight armor to a proto-type A-16P to Iron Armor MK, and to finally having robots fight for them.

    DXLV: Neo Alchemist City- The Tower-a desire for which brings the fall of man

    The female androids they created rebelled, and killed one of their creators. After killing a creator, they soon realize their potential, and escape the facility. In Age 545, former High Council Guardian Dr. Nature (Nacher), the first dated artificial exocore creator, head of Alchemist HQ, and the man behind for the power of the Rumble Fighters’ exocores experimented further on exocores by harnessing the pure magical energy in exocores to develop a power beyond modern exocores. It was called Venom Drive, and it could nullify other exocores. The High Council Guardians were monitoring, and limiting Dr. Nature because he was going insane with power. Dr. Nature’s mind became corrupt, and impure by his experiment. He hacked all machines, and managed to get the female androids to join him. The female androids still having a hatred towards humans have joined forces with him, and together they bring havoc to Neo Alchemist City. The High Council Guardians took a stand, and gave Elite Fighters the task to arrest him. Dr. Nature was spotted in D-H-14, and in pursuit the Elite Fighters were sent to D-H-14 district. Dropped off by Jenny on the H-CRAFT, they fight there way against robots to Leopard, a robot that was carrying the Venom Drive inside it. After the defeat of Leopard, a stranger code-named SOU (“Is that all you got?” guy) snatched the Venom Drive out of Leopard, and ran off with it. He mentions Venom Drive, and Jen researches what that is, and tells the officials. The Elite Fighters tail him to district D-H-13, and defeated him. During this scene, Jenny tells the Elite Fighters that’s what Dr. Nature was working on. SOU ran away again to district D-H-09 where you go to the sewers, and where he leaves you to fight off a giant yellow garbage truck-looking mech called Venom Chaos. Somewhere along the pursuit to recover the Venom Drive, they were given top priority to eliminate the giant robot bringing destruction to the city, Demo Core. Back to the main line, they chase SOU to Dr. Nature’s base D-H-SBASE where you fall into despair by moving platforms, and fight a giant spider, Big Dog (Tachikoma). After moving down, they climb their way up to the heart of the secret base to D-H-CORE (Underground Laboratory). They encounter SOU and beat him up until he won’t stand back up again. Unfortunately, it was too late, the Venom Drive was already delivered to Dr. Nature. He calls the Guardians persistent, and then you defeat him with his mecha suit on. He somehow lives, and the Elite Fighters take him head on without his suit. He calls himself an android and talks about using his spaceship to go back into the past to fight the Rumble Fighters. His spaceship malfunctions, and then he gets it to work using the Venom Drive. The Elite Fighters won against his ultimate space-time form, and prevent the defeat of all guardians.

    DXLV-DL: Dark Guardians- Bringers of Darkness

    There was another human city near Neo Alchemist City where a Dark Guardian scientist experimented on humans using a virus in Age 545-550. The virus mutated, turning people into mindless, but obedient zombies. Some of the zombies were no longer of use, and were abandoned to rot in subways, buildings, and so on. The High Council of the Guardians tasked Fighters to cure, or exterminate them. Along the same time, Dark Mages from the Sanctum were also experimenting on humans, turning them into skeletons. They became minions for many Boss Mode Adventures.

    Sejul, the Dark Lord follower of Phymon corrupts the head of the Shaman leader into breaking the seal forced by the Shamans in Age 550. This became the first Boss in RF. Ok I just noticed I went over the limit… so quickie. Typhoon is set free in Al Hata, he wants to freeze the world again, but Elite Fighters beat him up on top of his tiny kid’s pool. Guardian High Council tasked Elite Fighters to be imprisoned in the Dark Monastery meeting where Sejul resides. Elite Fighters break their jail cells as planned, and infiltrate the area. They find Sejul, and beat him up. Lower class minions want to revive Sejul in Sanctum, but fighters beat them up, and prevent a fully recovered Sejul. Locke steals a Guardian Dragon’s egg in Al Hata to control the dragon, Fighters injure him, and he takes refuge in Locke’s Refuge. You beat him up, and take the egg. However, the egg is still cursed by Locke, so the Guardian Dragon still goes on a rampage, and destroys a town which becomes Dragon’s Lair, and then you beat it up. Vladimir’s Castle, a side line story about a vampire making a deal with the devil, and he has gained power that became a threat to the High Council, but you still beat him up...
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    The Last Game Master
    Lagger. Pro. Hacker. That 1 kid who walks in circles instead of fighting you.

    My grandmother used to tell me stories about the old days, a time of peace when Game Master Gourdy kept balance between the Pro Nomads, Lagger Tribes, Circle Kingdom and the Hacker Nation. But that all changed one day when Rumble Fighter moved to the RedFox servers and the Hacker Nation attacked. Only Game Master Gourdy could stop the ruthless hackers from ruining Rumble Fighter by banning them, but when we needed him most, his work shift was over. Thousands of years have passed and the Hacker Nation is nearing victory in the War. More and more scrubs are purchasing hacks from Jaito Senpai’s YouTube. The Lagger tribe attempted to fight back, but their Gmode was not enough as the hackers have mastered ultra-instinct. Many attempted to gain help from Game Master by sending in tickets but he did not respond.
    Six Months ago, my guild, SoulReapers, journeyed to the EU channel while I was offline to ask the Lagger Tribe to help against the Hacker Nation, but they were shook. They did not want these hands. They did not want to catch this ft9-0 again. While my guild was at the EU channel they stumbled on something amazing. It was a toaster. A powerful GM emerged from this toaster, even stronger than Gourdy. His name was toast.
    Toast played no games, he knew the story was ending soon and there was no time for filler. He charged for the Hacker Nation all by himself, everyone else feared the Hacker Nation. GM Toast appeared before the evildoer Jaito Senpai who made hacks for Rumble Fighter and uploaded them to do this YouTube Channel. Jaito Senpai prepared his cheap another infinite ninjitsu scroll and stared at GM Toast who was using default straight in the eyes chuckling as if he already won and said, “What are you doing here scrub?”. Despite being in person Jaito was exhibiting the behaviour of a keyboard warrior,but this did not phase the mighty GM Toast as he replied in an African accent “It is Challenge day”.
    The whole Hacker Nation began to surround GM Toast chuckling and laughing at GM Toast as they believed he was a nobody.
    “You, a commoner wish to challenge me? I have 757 subs, NHAA girls on lock, and my hack game so strong I edge noobs on Dungeon”. The crowd applauded as their Master flexed on GM Toast, however GM Toast was still not phased by this. Suddenly Jaito made his advance on GM Toast yelling “it’s over fool!”, GM Toast had no time to evade this attack or use his panic. It was all over for GM Toast it was clear, but something amazing happened.
    GM Toast countered Jaito’s punch attack. “NANI” yelled the crowd. Jaito was shocked by this as he was certain that he killed all the pros or they left the game due to the level of bull he unleashed upon them. This threw Jaito into a fit as he did not know how to deal with this player. “Who are you!” he yelled in a chaotic fit as GM Toast continued to predict Jaito’s attacks and counter him. Toast smiled at Jaito and replied “Omae… wa mou shindeiru…”. Immediately Jaito exploded everyone was shocked and astonished by GM Toast’s power as the THICC voice over lady said “Battle Over”.
    Throughout Narnia, everyone learned of GM Toast’s victory and rejoiced as they were finally free of the hackers who had plagued this world. Statues around the world were made of GM Toast forever remembering him as the World’s Greatest Hero.
    IGN: Logic9
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    Nice and original event. Keep it up
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    Over the period of war times and nuclear bomb explosions, the new land arrived, so called Rumble Fighter land.
    Majority of people suffered mostly due to food shortages, and only a few can afford good lives.
    During the war, currency broke and bankruptcy were the real disaster. Money is no longer useful in the world of war. On top of that problem, lack of resources meant that water and food prices went skyrocket. How then people trade such important resources? only leftover currency in rumble fighter land was Gems, and Gemstones. Which were only granted to those honorable fighters at ongoing war against new diseases, and unbelievably new species that resulted from such nuclear implants explosion and new chemical mixtures. These warriors and fighters were the new born babies brought to training session which they were trained for scrolls and exocores. Some are classified as strikers, others classified as alchemists. Only a few were lucky enough to train as an elementalist or soul fighters. With latest technology before the nuclear war, androids were made too to fight against such war. New species were such monsters, they had their anarchy in their own system, so called the boss. Vladmir was one of the big bosses they were facing at the moment. After failures and failures, they managed to kill vladmir and get the gem they had stolen from the rumble fighter land. Some lives were sarcrificed, but the world is getting better and better with training , and new scrolls such as rare SE scrolls emerged which were added to special combat training sessions.

    I actually dont know what to write.
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    I kinda got carried away and wrote too much. Then I realized that it's not fully about Rumble Fighter Lore, it branches off and uses the lore and references to go on by itself in a somewhat side story, but if I don't turn it in, It would be a waste so here you go if you're interested; that's the google docs link. I was planning [-Spoiler] it in, but I surpassed the 20,000 characters mark and couldn't post it.
    IGN: Kosmos
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    The limit was 1000 characters. Nobody is going to read that lmao
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    A soft limit of 1000 words exists, however if users wish to write more, they will not be disqualified from the event itself.

    Initially, we did not want to create a word limit, but felt like users would be too confused or too pressured to write something on a grand scale. We wanted to keep it simple so that all users can write an entry without taking up too much time.
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    IGN: MatthewVince

    "...Where's our first stop?" Elle says.
    "An ancient ritual ground, Al Hata." Says Vin.
    "Al what?"
    "You'll see..."

    "That was 3 years ago. Goblins and Ogre's were the biggest problems we had back then." Groaned Vin.

    "Get it?! BIGGEST problem!? Because Ogre's are huge!" Laughed Jack.

    "...I thought you hadn't seen any Ogre's? You've only been with the force for a year now. The Ogre's are extinct."
    "Yeah but there's this thing caaaaallllleeed a video. RFPD still has us study them, just incase."

    There's a strong silence, you can tell Vin is tense. He's always like this.

    "...We're almost there, right? At DH-14?"
    "We've got about 10 hours to go."
    "10?! BOOOO!!!"

    Vin enjoys Jack's enthusiasm.

    "Well, invent a teleportation device, and get some sleep. That's what I'm going to do."

    Vin turns on auto pilot, and leaves the cockpit.

    "No. Goodnight"

    Jack flips through a Manga.
    A helicoptor soars through the sky.

    "Are you always going to be so bitter?"

    Vin hears a familiar voice. His eyes open, he's on a bench in what appears to be a gloomy dungeon. He hears bats flying around aimlessly.

    "Hmm. Elle always liked bats..." He murmured to himself.
    "Yeah, duh. That's why I was so excited to come here!"

    Vin looks around, and see's Elle, her long red hair tickling his arm. His eyes open wide as he hugs her.

    "Elle! I'm so sorry! I... I should've...!"
    "Woah. Relax man." Elle hugs him back, and proceeds to exit their cage.
    "You coming?" You can hear Elle's echo through the dungeon. Along with her L460 arm attachment clicking.
    "Where... Wait no!" Vin shouts.

    A gate opens, letting in an Ogre, a Necromancer, two Skeletons and a dog.
    Elle starts firing her L460, with almost perfect aim. Monsters continue to flow through the gate.


    Vin draws his Dark Lightning sword, rushing to Elle's side.
    Elle turns around to be met face to face with an Ogre. It's arms raised in the air, preparing to strike down on Elle.
    She put her L460 on it's stomach and released a huge shot, releasing a lot of her energy.
    A hole bigger than Eli's head appeared in the middle of the Ogre, along with many dismantled skeletons behind it.
    Exhausted, she dropped to a knee to catch her breath. Two necromancers prepared to strike, but were greeted by a slice of red and black energy. Obliterating them.

    "Took you long enough" Elle gasped.
    "I'm sorry, I'm just confused right now." Said Vin.
    "You wouldn't be so out of shape and slow if you smoked less"
    "Ha.. Yeah. You've got me."

    Elle smiles, then looks down at her hand. She's fading.
    Her smile softens.

    "I'm still waiting, you know." Elle said, happily.
    "Wha.. Oh, right. This is a dream. Isn't it?"

    Vin looked into Elle's bright green eyes, as she faded entirely.

    Vin wakes up, gasping. Jack is near him.

    "Elle again?" Jack said.

    Elle was Vin's first partner. During a raid on the Dark Monastery, a portal opened, and a large skeleton hand, the size of her body, grabbed and dragged Elle in.
    The Dark Monastery is now in ruins, ...Thanks to Vin.

    "Oh Vin, you uhhh, gotta call Captain." Said Jack.
    "Yeah he called us but uh, ya'know, I wasn't gonna answer it. That dude scares me."

    Vin gives Jack a squint, and proceeds to call the Captain.

    "Vincent." Says captain.
    "Yes sir?" You can hear resent in Vins voice. He's not fond of his full name.
    "Get down to Pirate Harbor, it's Elle"

    ...Vin's face, it's almost frozen. He hangs up.

    "Lets go." Vin says, his hands shaking.
    "Woah, relax man."

    Vin sloppily gets the helicopter in the air. Preparing to head straight for the old Pirate Harbor.

    "Look, I know how important Elle is to you. And trust me, I'd love to meet her. But you need to be careful."

    Vin's quiet. He lights a cigarette and ignores Jack.
    Jack sits down and cleans his Blood Revolvers.

    "Just... Don't get your hopes up. You didn't even let the Captain finish."
    "I DIDN'T NEED TOO!" Shouted Vin, his teeth gritting.

    There's silence. Lingering, uncomftorable silence.

    "I'm sorry, I know I should calm down. But anything regarding Elle is my top priority." Says Vin, his voice softer.

    Jack gives a tiny smile, and looks at the picture of Elle stapled on the dash board.

    "Look at her, I get that". Jack says jokingly.
    "It's not like that you runt. Do you think it HAS to be romantic?"
    "Isn't it always?"
    "...You've got some maturing to do. I love Elle, not romantically, but I love her."

    They see Pirate Harbor in the distance. Vin zooms in on the helicopters camera.

    "That's Elle!" Yells Vin.

    He sets the helicoptor to auto pilot, grabs a parachute and jumps. Jack follows.

    "...I forgot the remote..." Jack thinks to himself.

    Theres a war happening. It's Elle, relentlessly slaughtering a sea of pirates. Until it's just her and the pirates leader.
    A black fire surrounds the leader, she evades it, but is only met with constant waves of black flames.
    Elle rushes through the fire, disarms the leader and grabs her by the neck, raising her in the sky. Her legs kick, but she's unable to get free.

    Elle's voice is demonic, with a black aura surrounding her.

    "Thanks for the good time, love." Says Elle.
    "ELLE STOP!" Yells Vin.

    Elle looks over and smiles... Evily. The leaders legs stop moving, and Elle proceeds to engulf her in flames. The leaders body hits the ground, charred black.

    "Do I know you?" says Elle.
    "...Wha...Do... WHAT?!"

    Vin notices her wrists, she's acquired gold bracelets.

    It's not Elle.

    "I am Sejul. Ruler of the once great Dark Monastery."

    Sejul smiles, and tries to set Vin and Jack on fire.

    "Focus!" Jack tries to get Vins attention.

    Sejul shoots dark energy at them, knocking them into a wall.
    Jack rises and dashes at Sejul, releasing a fury of blows, missing all of them. Sejul grabs Jack by the ankle, and throws him into the water.

    "HAHAHA" Laughs Sejul.
    Sejul rushes Vin, grabbing him by the neck.

    "Elle... I know you're still in there..." Vin gasps.

    Sejuls eyes fade from black to green.

    "..V-VIN! HELP!"

    It was Elle.
    Her eyes faded back to black, her grip tightening. Sejul was back. Vin almost passes out.
    A large blast of energy hits Sejul in the side. It was Jack.

    Sejul got up, Elle's voice spilling out.

    "K-Kill me... KILL ME. Otherwise I'll stay like this forever!"

    Sejul raised a wall of flames for protection. Vin pulled out Dark lightning.

    "Jack" said Vin.
    "Dark Lightning can extract souls. Right now Elle's body is in a battle with Sejul's. I'm going to take Sejul's out."
    "...Well yeah let's do it!"
    "...And put it in my body."
    "You lost me."
    "Sejuls soul can't roam freely, it'll just take over another vessel. We don't have one on us right now... When I do it, you will have to kill me."

    "WHAT?! NO!" Yelled Elle from behind the flames."

    "Don't listen to her." Said Vin, contently.

    Jack looked sad for a moment, and nodded.
    "I understand."

    Vin rushed through the wall of fire, only to be grabbed by the throat. Sejul returned.

    "Convenient." grunted Vin, as he used Dark Lightning to stab Sejul in the chest.

    A blood hurling scream roared through the air, Jack uncontrollably covering his ears. Sejuls voice was unpleasent.
    The flames died down as Vin extracted Sejuls soul, and placed it in his body.

    "Found you" smiled Vin, as a tear ran down his cheek. Elle gasping for air and sobbing.
    He threw his sword to Jack.
    "DO IT!" Yelled Vin.

    Jack nodded, and proceeded to stab Vin in the gut.

    Elle gasped.
    Vin felt sad and happy as he passed out. Sad that it would be the last time he saw her. Happy that he saw her one last time.
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    True but isn't writing something 20,000 words a little unfair? If everyone else makes theirs 300-1000 it gives him a potential advantage. I purposely kept mine under 1000. Does that mean I could write a 600 page novel and have a better chance at winning?
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  15. [GM]Toast

    [GM]Toast RedFox Games Staff Member

    Feb 8, 2016
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    In extreme cases like the one you have mentioned, our enforcement will be applied and they will not win the grand prize, however it will not bar them from the participation prize if it follows all the other rules. Our reasoning for introducing a soft limit is already explained in a previous post.
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  16. HumoLoco

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    funny is. i posted here and it made me into novel game already.
  17. Contest

    Contest Clean Up Crew

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    IGN: Rank

    this is a backstory about A mother named Jun, and Two brothers Karachi & Jin, they're responsible for creating the fighting style "Combat Tekkeyon".

    The devil within Me attempted to enter my brother while he was still in his mother's womb, but my brother managed to fight it off. Afterwards, Jun moved to a remote location in the mountains where she raised Jin and trained him in the striker family's self-defense fighting style. While Karachi was moved to Zen Temple to train with his Uncle Master Yu.

    Several years later, Jun sensed the approaching of a great evil and decided that it was about time she told Jin concerning his origins. She also told him that if anything were to happen to her, he should look for his grandfather, Confucion. Jun's premonitions proved to be true, as she was attacked by Ogre four days later on Jin's 15th birthday. Hours after the chaos, Jin, who fell unconscious, then awoke amongst the rubble and began searching for his mother, with no success, enraged, Jin swore revenge. He was then taken in by The Soul Fighters, who began to train him in taekkyon-style martial art.

    Karachi was a Quarterback football player in college, where he dominated the competitions all over the States. He took this dedication to the military service after his Uncle died. Karachi had a perfect combat record, until he was sent to prevent the Sejuls from freeing the Typhoon . His squad was ambushed and their life force stolen by Mages of Doctrine. Karachi and his re united brother Jin (On the hunt to avenge his mother death) now goes after the Sejuls to reclaim his friends strength and Assassinate their mother's Murderer. Through the years it took them to complete their mission, they finally was able to eliminate the typhoon and avenge the death of their mother. They then began to live at their grandfather dojo where they would train to invent a sacred fighting style called Combat Tekkeyon.
  18. Shihan

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    My juicy T H I C C dick.. the end
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  19. LisyBusy

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    Muay Thai, Karate, Jeet, Dragon.

    Long ago, these four scrolls came out together in harmony. Then, everything changed when Games Campus attacked. Only OGP, master of all four elements, could stop them, but when the world needed them most, they vanished. 5 years passed and my brother and I discovered a new host, a company named Redfox, and although their GM skills are great, they have a lot to learn before they're ready to save anyone from these toxic exos and scrolls. But I believe Redfox can save the Rumble Fighter. (maybe not)

    IGN: Confidence
  20. FluffySheep

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    There once was an ugly barnacle.. He was so ugly that everyone died.
    No, he was ddosed and kicked out of the room for being too ugly. He ran around yelling 9-0 you scrub in blacktop. He called himself a god and was laughed apon. One day, he took it apon himself to throw money into a game to gather the chaos emeralds.. wrong game..I ment.. the sacred scrolls that would rekt all the noobs that would stand in the way. He knew that the only way that he'd be anything is if he spent 100's of dollars in a game for sacred scrolls so he could get all the traps because there is no such thing as women in rumblefighter. Why did I type this? Its 1 am and I cant sleep. I could have came up with something more stupid but im lazy. Also, this isnt about anyone specific. Just went along with whateves.
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