Elven weapons, need answers

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by NINJAFoxHound, Feb 5, 2016.

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    Sup' people.

    I was wondering about something.
    I know how Elven weapons (be it from HSK or VC/OCL pitbosses) work, the damage base, etc, but I fail to understand one thing.

    They have nice stats, but once you get a decent 55 weapon, they are not worth jack compared to them. The only use I can see for them, is to equip them before entering a MAU (Bell only, duh), since it affects the base attack.

    But what about the other races ? Is it only to avoid Bellatos to get the blessing for MAUs ?
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    Jan 31, 2016
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    Those weapons with nice elems are like a +5 int weapon or even better... not all the people have a +5 int weapon L55... ;)
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    Jan 19, 2016
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    Yes. This is the main reason why anyone would kill the Elven pitbosses. Especially during a drop rate increase event, when there are 2 or more MAU Blessings dropping per Elven pitboss.
    Besides giving Bells an advantage in Chip Wars, MAU Blessings allow for incredible DPS. Since Bells have pretty much the best tanking ability (together with HCs backing up), MAU Blessings allow the race to take down higher end pitbosses. It has been proven before that a couple of 55 Catapults can already take down the Sette Desert dimension pitboss which supplies the race with 55 intense and type D weapons. This is what everyone should be aiming for on a fresh server. A guild with a bunch of upgraded type D weapons (they are easy to upgrade to +4 and there's a decent chance to get them to +5) can dominate the entire server for at least a good couple of months.
    MAU Blessings are far more important than most people want to believe.

    Of course, even with 55 intense weapons you would want the lower level players to catch up fast so you help them get Elven weapons for faster levelling.
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