Disappeared skills and incompetent support team

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Guvid, Mar 15, 2019.

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    So... I didn't played for a while.

    I have 3 characters on my account. One is (around) level 120, the other two are 80.
    Yesterday I tried to play again and I saw that I have no skills any of my characters. Nothing, not even the basic ones. It looks like I never learned any skill.

    I have opened a ticket for this issue and I got an answer.
    The support team told me that they "had implemented a class balancing skill update, in which a server wide skill reset was necessary" and I have to retrain all the skills again for my character. All they said is that "your characters qualify for Increases Kung Fu Experience (3 Hours)".
    Really? 3 hours? Can I retrain dozens of skills on all my characters in 3 hours?

    Can't you, RedFox fix your mistake? Don't you have any backup since before you messed it up? You can check what skills I had and restore my skills.
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    Hello, yes we have got a class and skills revamp, a lot has changed and everyone had their kung fu reset. The 'increase kung fu experience 3 hours' is the compensation they gave to all the players for an amount of time after update, those who come back playing like yourself and don't know what happened or don't have the compensation quest anymore can send a ticket and GM's will add into your account. The gift you receive is 100 pills of 900x kung fu exp increase that last 3 hours each so you'll max your skills and won't even use half of the pills, is annoying but leave it a couple nights on auto training with pill on stacked with daily kung fu x5 tomes and skills level pretty fast! Each char receives 100 pills bound to the character.
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