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    Create and Upgrade Banners:

    To know how to use Combining system take a look at the following guide: http://forum.playredfox.com/index.php?threads/assemble-and-disassemble-system.200/#post-3276

    The six banners:

    These banners can be built at the general store NPC in the Tibet Camp (last village).
    The banner are the harder to get but of course they are the better one !
    Here the example of the assemble: It is for Tibet map only :)


    You can see on the list the first classic item which are dropped everywhere in the land. For the 2 last one it's like for the Icy plate collection you need to kill boss to get them.
    Big Molar of King Jin can be dropped on the King Jin's Dungeon boss.
    The Ring of Yuan Shao can be found on the boss from the Black Monk dungeon.


    It is also possible to upgrade these relic in Hefei and make them (Excellent):

    These assemble are available at the NPC Zhuge Lin, The Master of Ornament in Hefei.
    The Blue and Black banner upgrade is using the collectible from Cave of The Conqueror Dungeon (Fragment of the Cave of The Conqueror):


    The Red, White and Double banner upgrade is using the collectible from East and West Temple Red, double and White Dragon soul.


    And you can combine all Excellent Banner to create a flag:

    This combine is available in Hefei, at the Old man near all the assemble NPC. Note: This combine has a 100% success rate.

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