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    We are glad to announce a New Cloak Upgrade System is now available. Make sure to log in and check out the new system! Be the first to upgrade your M33 Cape to the new Yellow Dragon Cape and your Ultimate Cloak to an Unleashed Ult. Cloak!

    Cloak Upgrade System
    • With this new Cloak Upgrade system players will be able to upgrade several Cape/Cloaks:
    • You can access this new Cloak Upgrade System via Beggar NPC in each of the Faction HQ.
    • Beggar NPC under Cloak Rank Up:

    Crafting Materials:
    • Silver Jade Stone can be acquired in PVP maps, Snow Majin event drops, and Premium C. Box.
    • You can craft Silver Jade Stone to the Blacksmith NPC under Manufacture.
    • 4 Silver Jade Stone = 1 Gold Jade Stone


    M33 Cloak Types Upgrade to Yellow Dragon Cloak:


    Yellow Dragon Cape:
    • Gold Jade Stone + M33 Cloak + 10,000,000 Silver Jeon = Yellow Dragon Cape
    • The Yellow Dragon Ccape is tradable and required M33 to equip.
    • The M33 Cloak can be equipped regardless of its upgrade/combination rank/level.
    • Yellow Dragon Cape can be combined as UpLv reaches at 150%
    Ultimate Cloak Upgrade to Unleashed Ult. Cloak:

    • Gold Jade Stone + Ultimate Cloak + 10,000,000 Silver Jeon = Unleashed Ult. Cloak
    • The Unleashed Ult. Cloak is tradable and required M33 to equip.
    • The Ultimate Cloak can be equipped regardless of its upgrade/combination rank/level.
    • The Unleashed Ult. Cloak can be combine as UpLv reaches at 150%.
    • That like most upgrade system there is a chance of failed or success upgrade.
    • Upon every upgrade failure or success Silver Jeon and Gold Jade Stone will be consumed, so make sure you are willing to lose the Silver Jeon and Gold Jade Stone.
    • Enchant + Combination Rank/Level will be reset to default (0) upon crafting success.
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    How long will this cloak upgrade rank feature last if it is only a seasonal event? Is this limited time only? If we have this cape 'rank' then, speaking of ranking upgrade. Will we have title rank upgrade feature for our character for that Attr %13 or another type of addition ?
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    Will u delete this feature after event ends ? i need to know :O

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