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    It's hard to know what 'persuasion' is in the beginning and how to use it well. Here are some tips for those lords that are confused.

    What does it means to 'capture' and 'persuade' prisoners?

    The hostility goes up once you succeed in capturing prisoners after a battle, and as you continue to use persuasion, the prisoner's hostility goes down.

    An addition of -1 hostility is added for every 200 INT points of the hero that is persuaded.

    If hostility becomes 0, it means that the captured prisoner has a higher chance of being persuaded to join you; it doesn't mean that your persuasion will be 100% successful.

    What more can I learn about 'prisons'?

    The maximum imprisonment time is guaranteed according to the prison's level, and heroes can be captured in the prison for 1 hour or to even 10 hours according to each hero's grade.

    If you want to persuade imprisoned heroes who have been in prison for a longer time, you need to level up your prison.

    (Tip) Prisoner Dalgrim is captured in your prison once you begin the prison tutorial and is never enchanted to escape, so you can take your time in persuading him.

    [Caution] If you continue to attack the same opponent lord for the short period of time, your chance of capturing the opponent's hero will get lower and can even reach 0.
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