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    Your old gen family guild is back and better than ever.
    A guild that has stuck together even after the guild disbanded in-game.
    A guild that was so full, we had to create an alternate guild, named Amateurs and max them both with 64 members.
    A guild that talks all day everyday on messaging apps. And voice chats every other day on Discord.
    A guild that hosts battle modes, NHAA, adventure, teams, FFA, everything.
    A guild that hosts legit trading to members only.
    A Guild that has participated in many Guild events, and hosted countless amounts as well.

    The Beginners Guild
    Every pro was once an Amateur. Every expert was once a Beginner, so dream big and join now

    Master: Beginner
    Vice: Amateur
    Members: 34/64 (as of 12/9/16)

    How to join?

    Reply to this thread with your IGN or privately message forum user: imtopRANKED (Papy/Beginner)
    Apply to Beginners in-game and send IGN: Beginner a private message when available
    We have very specific tryout rules which includes stat deduction, maps, items, etc. that you must follow if you are to tryout for this guild.
    If you are accepted into the guild, check GUILD>GUILD>FORUM/NOTICE BOARD for more Guild information.

    Thank you for reading. Hope to see you in-game.
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    Awesome and good luck!
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