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    Here are the events currently running during the month of August (subject to change with server maintenance):
    • August Scheduled Login Event - Select prizes will be given out at the appointed times. Please refer to the event page for more information.
    • Boss Mode Rush: Assault - Experience the Boss Mode Rush, a challenging trial where you and your team must battle against hordes of monsters while completing the objectives. Check out the event page and other players' submissions to join the challenge.
    • Login Event - Your first login during 00:00 - 23:59 will award you with 1 Proof of Passion, which can be used to acquire the new "Hero" costume(s).
    • RumbleMode Party - Complete sets of matches in Caged Beast / King of the Hill / Moving Screen / Potion Battle / Defense Mode to earn different parts of the "Hero" costume(s).
    • Fisticuffs Fridays - Defeat your opponents (or the GM) to receive hand-selected prizes. View the official event page for more information on how to participate.
    • Make Your Own Fisticuffs - Get your creative juices flowing by creating your very own Fisticuffs set to be featured in our Fisticuffs event. Head over to the event page to submit your great ideas.
    • 1 Hour Playtime Event - Complete 1 Hour of Play to receive Proof of Passion and Elite Soldier Grand Sword (GD) [3 Days]. It will be offered four times during the event, don't miss them while they are available.
      • "Proof of Passion" is a recipe combination item that will be further implemented at a later date.
      • The "Elite Soldier Grand Sword (GD)" [3 Days] will be offered after completing the 2nd / 6th / 10th/ 14th hour or day for the event.
        • Due to some issues, the timer for the Elite Soldier Grand Sword (GD) will start automatically upon receiving it.
    • D-H-14 War (Normal) - Fighters can now acquire all 6 pieces of the Quarantine Suit LV. A (Timed) from the D-H-14 War chest. A permanent set for the previous Event Boss Modes will be distributed shortly.
    • Login Event (2020) - 2020 WonderGuy Costume Package (30 day duration)
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    These scheduled login events are great. The rest? Not so much.
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    Wassup with update?
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    Nice Events!

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