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    Whatsup Peepol, I'm FhatGod a.k.a. KingFhat (most recent ign) Guild Leader of the gamer guild Akosis. Heres some info about the guild. This guild started off on Ragnarok online in 2004 as 2 guild merged, one made by me named Eternal Psychosis and my Brothers guild Abaharaki. After we merged out guild and became Akosis we moved onto becoming one the servers top PvP - GvG guilds. For years we moved from server to server making our place in the ragnarok world. As of last year I decided to rebirth the guild but on a greater spectrum, as a gamers guild. A guild where players can find and play multiple games together so you will never have to be alone again *single tear*. We have our own website,forums, Discord servers, youtube channel, facebook (inactive atm) (Open to uploading anyones videos / none are monetized) and soon some merch. We are partnered with DreamsWe LLC. This guild is mainly for Fun, not to be serious guild war no lifers, and we stride to create a better community for Rumble Fighter and further games (Need I say, we are friendly-ish). So if you are tired of guild hopping or you feel like you are playing the game with no real purpose, come join us. We are more than happy to recruit you, as long as you follow the guild simple rules.

    ------------Guild Rules------------------
    - Be active (as possible, we understand people have jobs and lives)
    - Promote Positivity (Don't be toxic. Of course everyone has a bad day but don't have a bad year.)
    - Relax on the Harassment ( Verbal or Verb-Sexual I'm pretty sure I just made that up but we are serious)
    - Guild War (We don't care about your LP so get rekt all you want, just don't go starting actual wars with other guilds.)
    - No Scamming or Hacking other players or members (No brainer)
    With that said, our vices are Daft a.k.a. SpitToFit , HTFzRay, and SuiterKee. If you see them ingame feel free to ask about joining. Daft runs our Discord servers and more. Becoming a vice in rumble fighter is a step to becoming an Co leader in the gaming guild. It is fine if you want to join the guild only in rumble fighter and not join the gaming guild, the choice is yours. Either way, we are here and we would love to have you.

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