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    I've had requests for a updated Tier List for scrolls. Obviously, Scrolls like Shaolin and MuayThai will sit at a low tier, while being less recommended, they don't really move.

    However new scrolls join the meta, and scrolls that have been proven to work with a certain playstyle also.

    This will cover the top tier line-up of scrolls of this meta, In no particular order. Some might just be considered over powered than others in that very same category, But experience & skill within this tier is the real game changer.

    The following tiers will range from Highly recommended to Still viable.

    No rares will be put in here, for the sole reason that most of them are viable or very situational. This guide will be also, very obviously, useless for Hyper Mode and Classic. RE/SE versions will be put due to them not really being rare/unaccessible. They are also very realistic upgrades that aren't OP. Some will ban them, which is still understandable. However I cant justify calling them unfair compared to SS tier.

    SS Tier: Highly Recommended
    -Blood Wind Ninjutsu (R)
    -Combat Taekkyeon
    -Eagle Claw/RE
    -Kazahk Kuresi
    -Mystic Arts
    -Raging Fist
    -Shaolin Tiger RE
    -Shoot Boxing
    -Vermillion Phoenix/RE
    -Wicked Flare
    -Zin Karate
    -Zin Taekwondo/(R)

    I feel that every scroll above that be argued that it deserves to be here. They all have very different utilities and strong points. While some might be very hard to use, You will be forced to show them respect when someone with experience is using them. Scrolls like Karate can be very hard to use and be less rewarding, While I can guarantee every scroll on this list is extra rewarding.

    S Tier: Recommended
    -Another Avenger
    -Black Turtoise/RE
    -Blood Wind Ninjutsu
    -Boxing SE
    -Capoera RE
    -Choy Lee Fut
    -El Luchador
    -Judo RE
    -Lucha Libre SE
    -Muay Boran
    -Muay Thai SE
    -Praying Mantis
    -White Fang
    -White Tiger RE
    -Wing Chun
    -Xinyi Liuhe Quan RE

    A Tier: Viable if owned
    -Combat Sambo/RE
    -Drunken Master
    -Extreme TKD
    -Jujitsu SE
    -Mach Knuckle
    -Muhons Ninjutsu
    -Murekwon SE
    -Muscle Buster
    -Pa Kua Kwon
    -Taekwondo SE
    -Tengoryu Karate
    -The Blue Dragon/RE
    -The Wind
    -White Tiger
    -Xinyi Liuhe Quan

    The ones above I honnetly do not recommend for purchase unless they interest you. There is clearly better, however for the time they were designed, They were potentially amazing. They could still be amazing, but suffer from less tools, combos, stun/speed, etc. However there were also time periods were scrolls had an amazing delay time, speed, hitbox, etc, combinations and were more decent that what they seemed, Such as DM. Its slow, looks bad, but offers time to think on every hit, with just enough stun and speed to keep your opponent pressued. With practice and skill, these are viable but still less expected to win.

    Any scroll not on the list is just not recommended at all or considered Rare.
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    i dont own stringer
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    Wow, I can't wait for this meta in 899 years (edit title)
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    everyone banned in 3016 will be able to experience that meta

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